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Outdoor LivingWindham Homes Parade 2000 House is a contemporary example of Prairie Style architecture. The low, flat roof planes with broad overhangs and the simple but elegant exterior complement the prairie landscape. A dramatic stair tower ascends from the roof and stands like a lantern over the auto court. The tower is visible from the street but is brought back to human scale by the richness of the porte cochere and planters. Interior spaces are organized by a pair of hallways that intersect at the hearth room and kitchen in the heart of the house.

Great RoomEach room in the house borrows light and volume from the well-articulated hallways and is focused on the rich Colorado panorama that is framed by the patterns and rhythms created by the abundance of windows. The private spaces are designed with maximum comfort and the lifestyle of those who will live there in mind. The floor plan unfolds with surprises and light around every corner. A house designed to be lived in, but designed with an obvious and generous nod to the artful tenets of the Prairie Style.

You can find more information on Tallyn's Reach here.


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