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BUILT GREEN ProgramWindham Custom Homes, Inc. is a leader in innovative construction techniques, and has been involved with the BUILT GREEN Colorado program since its inception in 1996. Owner, Wayne Frelund, believes in environmentally friendly building. So much so, that the custom BUILT GREEN Colorado home he built at the 1998 Parade site is for his family and his business. "I believe we need to work with the environment, not against it, for our kids' sake. We can do that and end up with better quality homes. In the long run, it will save us money and valuable resources."

"I believe we need to work with the environment, not against it, for our kids' sake. We can do that and end up with better quality homes."

-- Wayne Frelund

Xeriscaping was used on the Windham project as well, as part of a program sponsored by the Denver Water Board to showcase the water conservation technique. The mulch used in the landscaping scheme was produced from clean wood waste.

Several other products used to build the home include recycled content, where raw material has been reprocessed to make new building products. Examples include carpet pad, cellulose insulation, and oriented strand board (OSB). To close the loop, wood waste recycled from the job was sold for use in pallet repair or ground for use as mulch or animal bedding.

One unique aspect of the home is that it is the first in Colorado to meet the stringent American Lung Association's Health House Advantage standards. These standards emphasize indoor air quality as part of ALA's nationwide campaign to reduce illness through quality construction methods.

Overall, Windham Built Custom Homes, Inc. incorporated nearly 60 BUILT GREEN options in the Parade model; more than needed to qualify. These options combined to save significant amounts of energy, water, and other resources, as well as improve air quality.


Using recycled-content materials in home construction is quickly becoming recognized as an important component of "building green" in the environmental sense -- but it can also provide better value for your home buying dollar.

For example, mulch and compost produced from "waste" turns to gold when it not only enhances your landscaping but reduces irrigation and maintenance needs. Insulation made from 100% newsprint provides excellent protection against heat loss and can reduce your heating bills. Recycled-content plastic lumber decreases maintenance costs and increases the life of your outdoor deck.

These options, as well as others such as efficient framing, material reuse, and job-site recycling, make sure you get better value out of the materials that go into your home while working to keep the environment clean and green.

The Windham Custom Homes, Inc. entry in 1998 Parade of Homes was a BUILT GREEN Home. As part of an overall "green" approach, Windham Custom Homes, Inc. incorporated recycled-content products and other material efficiency techniques.

Reduce the amount of material disposed in landfills
Make efficient use of natural resources
Reduce impacts on air, land, and water due to extraction, production, and transportation of raw materials


For more information on BUILT GREEN, visit the HBA of Metro Denver's BUILT GREEN Web Site at


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